So I’m about 3/4 done with my intern year and…what can I say. I’ve learned a lot, and not just about medicine as well. Here is a short list of things that I’ve learned…oftentimes the hard way.

1. Residency is a carbon copy of high school. There are just as much cliques, dramas, backstabbing, and sleeping around. And you thought we were professionals. HA!
2. Scrub techs are there to make your life miserable. Period.
3. Bad things happen to the nicest patients, and vice versa.
4. Eat when you can; sleep when you can. But don’t’ sleep through pages. That’s generally considered poor form.
5. Patience is a hard virtue to maintain when it’s the end of a long day, you’ve been slammed with calls/pages, and that one frustrating pt is asking you just ONE MORE TIME why he’s sick. As he finishes puffing on his 20th cigarette of the day.
6. Use nurses to your advantage. Be good to them, and they will be good to you.
7. Simply because one is a female surgeon, it is assumed that you are a bitch until proven otherwise
8. You can never be made to feel too stupid. Or frequently enough.
9. That moment when a patient is crashing and you can’t reach any of your upper levels can be frightening. Like, poop-in-your-pants scary.
10. Patients die in radiology and in MICU
11. Alcohol + motorized anything = trauma.
12. Meth + methhead = burn center
13. While the book may say one thing, one has to learn the nuances of each individual attending. And suffer their wrath until you figure out the way they like things
14. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. If your toes are BLACK and you can’t walk, it’s probably time to take a trip to the doctor. Not wait around for a month for it to magically get better.
15. There are a lot of vets on Viagra
16. The ER is the most hated place in the hospital for all specialties
17. Medicine and surgery will NEVER see eye-to-eye
18. Foreign medical graduates need to learn English before trying to call in consults. Me: “Just spell the name of the patient please…I’ll figure out the rest myself….”
19. Anesthesiologists do not make good surgery interns
20. Medical students can be either really helpful or really annoying. I hope I was the former and not the latter.
21. Device companies are good πŸ™‚ Free dinners and conference trips FTW!!
22. You never thought you could work so hard for so little in return. Or do so many rectal exams.
23. VA vets really like Asian women
24. If it wasn’t before, alcohol will be a good friend of yours
25. …but at the end of the day, there is still something magical about being called “doctor” and having a patient’s trust in your hands.

On another note…my favorite song of the moment..


– I like it when he remembers me, only to find out that his girl is busy.
– I like it when he tells me he loves me, only to find out he doesn’t have anybody to text.
– I like it when he treats me extra special, only to find out that he and his girl had a fight.
– I like it when he spends time with me, only because his girl couldn’t find time for him.

I don’t take pleasure on hurting his girlfriend’s feelings ‘coz i know in the end of the day,
it’s still her, and not me.

And then I hear this advice ringing in the back of my head..

“Never borrow someone else’s man. If he cheated with you, he’ll cheat on you.”


that I have a hard time not getting attached =( In relationships, to my patients, etc…and while sometimes it is wonderful it can also make things that much more difficult…

Short paragraph to summarize 8 months of my life…

Decided on vascular surgery. I know, I waffled between neuro and then nephrology and then med/peds for awhile, but after doing my surgery rotation, I know that I can’t live without seeing the OR everyday. (Which makes my current neuro rotation OHSOPAINFUL, but that’s another story…). Went on the interview trail and met a whole bunch of amazing, awesome people.

And on the day of love (Yesterday was Valentine’s, for those of you who live in a cave), I found out why I love my fellow vascular applicant SK so much:

Me: *Rambling about how this guy I had been on a few dates with who didn’t bother calling me on Valentine’s Day*

SK:i’m telling you

he can gofuckhimself
listen, he wasn’t worth your time
he’s an asian who spits a lot of game, but probably has a carrot dick
he told you some bullshit about you guys matching together so he could get in your pants because he’s a douche
guys should be fucking kissing the ground you walk on, worshiping you for how glorious you actually are
not playing 14 year old love games
so he can take his carrot dick and ask himself tonight – right hand or left


Isn’t she fabulous? She spits the truth, let me tell ya! This reminds me of this quote I saw once:

“Friends will comfort you when a guy rejects you, but a best friend will go up to him and say β€œits because you are gay isn’t it?”

She is totally that friend! It totally made my day so much better!! =)

As some of you might know, the Wonder Girls recently kicked off the North American leg of their Wonder Girls tour. In select cities, their opening acts included 2AM or 2PM.

Did you guys read that? I said..


It was the perfect opportunity. They had scheduled a Houston date for 6/9, and it had 2PM opening. Me being the crazy fan that I am, I knew I had to go. Despite my mixed feelings about the whole Jay controversy and the horrible but sadly believable rumors about them, I couldn’t pass up the chance to see them in person.

They had 2 different kinds of tickets-$35 for general admissions and $150 for VIP. I was so sad that I was way broke and couldn’t bear spending $100+ on tickets, even though it included a meet-and-greet and autographs/pictures. NEXT year though, you bet your ass that I will be there…and all over my 2PM boys!

Me with my ticket!

In the venue…it was so packed!

Me and AH before the concert

So being on surgery and all, I knew that I couldn’t be there super early and get an awesome seat. I left St. Joe’s at around 4:30 and then went home and got read. AH and I got to the venue at around 6, and there was already a huge line. I had some last minute kinks with getting my ticket (now I know to not wait until the last minute to buy a ticket…) but ended up getting it no problem. We waited outside for around an hour, with random cheers erupting from the crowd. Finally around 6:45, they started letting VIP’s in. Then at 7:10 they started letting the general admissions people in. Once in, AH and I managed to get some pretty decent seats on the right side of the stage pretty close to the front. But omg, the pushing/shoving was SO annoying! I’m glad that I decided to wear high heels, because I’m pretty sure I was taller than 80% of the people there with my heels on, which = better visibility, har har har. Everytime the curtains came up, people would scream, so there were a ton of false alarms. Finally at 8:05 we see hadowy black figures walking out…and the music starts. Thank goodness I had already whipped my camera out and was filming, otherwise I would’ve totally missed it! I was kinda expecting there to be some sort of introduction from JYP, like in the NYC concerts, but it didn’t happen. Anyway, once the lights turn on, I just went like 0______0!! because they were UNBELIEVABLY HOT! Especially TAEC! I was like OMFG I couldn’t breathe, the man was PERFECTION! Tall, muscular, and just flawless…100x better looking in person! I wanted to have his babies right then and there. They performed ‘Without U’ then transitioned to ‘I Hate You’ before introducing themselves (the boys who couldn’t speak English were so cute and shy..I half expected Junho to introduce himself as 2PM again :P). They then went on to perform ‘Heartbeat’.

Yea my video is a bit nausea-inducing because I couldn’t find a good angle at first and plus I was really excited and jumping around a lot…but it gets better I promise!

Then they did Again & Again

They talked a little bit more..

Finally they end with 10 out of 10..and my camera was running out of memory! I was retarded and didn’t free up as much memory as I needed to…so I only got about half the performance. It’s ok though, I got the parts where Taec rubs the bubble-butt…:) This perf was cute because during Khun’s ‘Lalala’ part, he did the NU-ABO dace, giving props to his ‘We Got Married’ wife. You should’ve heard the screams from the girls when he did that! Unfortunately, that was after my camera pooped out on me.

All in all, I thought their performance was outstanding. Vocals were pretty spot on even though Junsu was missing. I was a bit upset that the members covered Jay’s parts instead of leaving his vocals in. The dancing and charisma were out of this world. I think Taec did make eye contact with me at some point because he would come up to the front of the stage a lot to tease the fans, and because I was taller than most of the other girls in my heels, I think he spotted me. Or perhaps it’s just my wishful thinking. πŸ™‚ After seeing pics from the other concerts, I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t wear cutoff shirts to show of their amazing arms, but hey I could still appreciate their rippling muscles underneath their shirts. Plus, we had the added bonus of none of them wearing hats, so we could all see their sexy hairstyles…Taec’s was the best of course. And TAEC BABY DIDN’T RIP OFF HIS SHIRT! ARGH! Well at least it seems that he hasn’t ripped it off during any of the concerts so far, so it’s not just Houston…haha.

Here is my one clear picture of them:

Their pants were glowing haha! Poor Taec baby looks constipated…oh wells. He recently got hooked onto Twitter and uploaded a picture and judging from the hair and clothes, it looks like it was taken before they got on stage for the Houston conert..

So after that excitement…finally WG came on. Their silhouettes first came on, and then after much anticipation, the curtain dropped and there the girls were in all their glory. They started off with singing ‘I wanna love you’, then a song that I didn’t know. Then came introductions and their rendition of PCD ‘Dontcha’ and their own ‘So Hot’.

Can I just say that Yoobin is uber-hot? I was quite mesmerized.

Then they did the Rainstone remix of ‘Nobody’. After that came solo’s…Hae Lim did Lil Mama’s ‘Lip Gloss’, Yoobin danced to ‘Boom Boom Pow’, Sohee did ‘Single Ladies’, Yenny sang ‘Mercy’, and Sun covered Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’. Those solos were kinda eh to me. I know they do them all the time in Korea, but I would much rather hear the WG sing their own sings than cover American artists in their still (for the most part) heavily accented English. Then as a group they sang Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’.

After that they changed clothes again and sang their new song ‘2 Different Tears’ and then taught us the ‘Tell Me’ dance…as if there was room to dance in there!

After ‘Tell Me’ ended they pretended like that was the end of the concert and went backstage. The crowd started screaming, “Encore, encore!” After a few minutes the screen in the background flashed “Do you want more wonder girls?’ and asked us to scream. It kept on asking us to scream louder like 10 more times, I was so tired at the end! Finally the girls popped back onstage in their glittery ‘Nobody’ dresses and performed the last song of the night.

After that the girls bowed, smiled, and waved their good-byes to the crowd. I was half-hoping that 2PM would come out with them at the curtain call and do another bow so I could try to get another picture of them, but alas it was not to be.

All in all, it was an awesome concert experience, but I feel like the 2PM boys did better. Yoobin and Sun had the most charisma, and Yenny has an amazing voice. I’ve always found Sohee to be overrated, and I’m still neutral on Hae Lim. Sun and Yoobin were SO skinny though. I knew Yoobin had lost a lot of weight after ppl kept on calling her fat, but I never thought that Sun would be so tiny! Her waist was like a stick, lol. I can’t wait for them to come back next year…when I definitely will buy a VIP ticket!!

P.S. My Wonder Girls videos are posted on my Youtube channel..http://www.youtube.com/user/tayazsweetluv. I’m too lazy to post them all one by one on here, haha. Hope you guys enjoyed reading summary of my fangirl-ness πŸ˜›

It has now been more than 4 months since 2PM’s leader Park Jaebeom left for Seattle after withdrawing from the group due to controversy over comments he made on Myspace. In these 4 months, fans (nicknamed “Hottest’) have been left waiting for any news regarding his comeback into the group. Despite the negative attention that Jay drew to the group and boycotting from fans, 2PM continued to enjoy a high degree of success with their title song ‘Heartbeat’ and following that, ‘Tired of Waiting’. They have also garnered multiple awards, such as the M.Net Asian Music Awards for Best Male Group and Artist of the Year, KBS Gayo Daejun for Song of the Year, etc. Though they always remember to thank Jay in their acceptance awards, the members have stayed tight-lipped about any possibility of his return. And I can’t say I blame them; JYP is probably pressuring them to stay quiet.

As of now, we know that Jay is still staying active in b-boying (multiple videos of him at b-boy competitions in Seattle have surface on the net) and is working multiple jobs to pass the time and make some money. There have been so many rumors in the past 4 months, but recently in the past few days it seems the rumor mill went into overdrive, which is why I decided to finally write a post and put out my opinion.

2PM has just finished up their activities for the first full-length album titled 1:59, and they are scheduled for a comeback in April (coincidentally Jay’s birthday month), and many fans are hoping that he’ll make a comeback with this new album. In the past few days, there have been articles stating that JYP will have a press conference regarding Jaebeom on Jan. 24th; that Jay has been offered a part in Hype Nation, a Hollywood movie about hip-hop dancing that was also trying to recruit BoA and Son DamBi earlier; that Jay will be making his comeback by appearing on MBC’s ‘Come to Play’; and that Jay has been secretly filming a music video in the U.S. All of these rumors have been squashed one by one by JYPE.

There have been numerous accounts from “insiders” on a 2PM forum that I frequent…and a lot of them make Jay’s chance of coming back sound pretty dire. Although many fans and entertainment professionals believe that now is the perfect time for Jay to come back, my problem is with JYPE. I think JYP needs to go attend some public relations classes because he has seriously messed this up from the beginning. There are only a handful of fans who will believe what comes out of his mouth now. At the very beginning when the news broke about Jay’s comments, he announced that there was “no way he would let Jay go.” Did he keep that promise? Obviously not. In fact, there are multiple accounts that state the company pressured Jay to leave. But JYP laid all the blame on Jay, saying that “he knew he was this kind of kid from the beginning” and claiming that he couldn’t make Jay come back. Bullshit, JYP! He’s a kid with an 8 year slave contract-he has NO power or say to just up and leave, plus he would have to repay a huge sum of money for breaking the contract. When 2PM started promotions for ‘Heartbeat’, he stated that the boys wouldn’t be participating in any variety shows out of respect for Jay. Now, Taec has been confirmed as a cast member for Family Outing Season 2. An insider report says that this had been confirmed since Dec. 31st, but when news of it first broke out, JYPE said they were still “considering it” but hadn’t finalized it. What’s even more scary is the fact that there was a rumor that in the beginning of this year there would be a member who would become a regular on a variety show; the rumor also stated that JYP had no intention of bringing Jay back, that he is trying to keep his image clean but doesn’t plan on bringing him back. JYP sure is crafty…telling fans on ‘Golden Fishery’ that he would welcome Jay back when he’s ready. But notice that this was timed right before 1:59 dropped. This was to assuage the fans that he was doing the right thing, so that they would buy the album. And by golly they did…the Hottest are now split between those who support the boycott and those against it. Those against the boycott sometimes bought 2-3 copies of the album in place of the boycotters. Fans have also noticed that every time a video of Jay b-boying pops up on the internet, another ridiculous 2PM article (i.e. the Kim Bo Peep incident, or the Okvatar) shows up the day after and crowds out the attention the Jay article gets. In the end, JYP is a business. He may paint a rosy picture of himself and the artist as family, but he’s definitely has money as his first priority. Why would he need to bring Jay back if 2PM is doing fine without him? And so the strife between the Hottest who support the boycott and those don’t continues…

Most recently, some “insider” information (who knew that the Wonder Girls’ Sunmi would be leaving before she announced her resignation) states that just 2 weeks ago, there were plans to bring back Jay…and now they’re gone. Wooyoung has recently shut down his Cyworld, and fans are speculating that it may be in defiance against JYP’s decisions. There are talks of Jay returning as a solo artist, and that he will be returning around the Lunar New Year. My opinion is: continue the boycott. Jay isn’t even my favorite member, but I support the boys as 7. Any fan would be able to tell you that his presence is very much missed among the boys…especially Wooyoung. Whereas before he had a childish silliness, these days his eyes look dull, his chubby cheeks are gone, and he’s lost a tremendous amount of weight. I admire the Korean Hottest-they’ve been tireless in their efforts, and continue to send gifts to Jay and protest at the JYP building. They’ve also donated to multiple charities, and most recently donated $10,000 to the Haitian relief effort.

I support a 7 membered 2PM. It’s up to us to make them whole again.

Also, Ellen Degeneres is looking for international musical acts to feature on her show. Show support for 2PM by leaving a message on her blog here. It might be the only way the our boys will get to see their leader again. Plus…it’s kinda funny reading the comments haha. The TVXQ fans are having a field day with this! 0_0

*WARNING: Gross pictures ahead!*

Most medical students (mostly in 2nd year, when they usually go through the different organ systems and pathologies) go through a phase that I like to term “the med school syndrome”. It all starts off innocently enough. Students start off each block excited about learning the new material. Let’s take for example…NHB or Neuroscience and Human Behavior. Halfway through that block, I swore I could diagnose half the people in my class with some of the disorders that we were studying (“There’s a narcissistic personality..that person’s ADD…there’s a definite schizoid personality). When studying the cardiovascular system I started to worry about my blood pressure; in GI, I was sure that I had identified the parasite that made me sick in Nicaragua; in Endocrine, I almost went to go see a doctor to confirm that I had hypothyroidism, etc.

And then the inevitable happened. I really came down with something that I had learned about and scoffed at, thinking that it was just one of those “board things” that you had to memorize for a test but would never see in real life.

At first I just thought it was bug bites on my arms. “That’s strange.” I thought, “It’s almost winter, most of the bugs should be dead by now.” But whatever, I just shrugged it off, assuming it would go away on its own. The next day two more popped up. To my horror, over the next day it spread over both of my forearms and moved down to my legs. When I shined the light just right over my arm, I could see the shadows of all the small bumps on my arms. ‘Ok, that’s it.’ I decided. ‘I’m going to see a dermatologist’. So I made an appointment the next week to see a dermatologist. She was young and pretty, like most dermatologists are known to be. I showed her all the areas that my rash was. She asked questions like ‘Does it itch?’, ‘Have you tried anything for it?’ etc. Then I told her that I was a medical student and that I had a suspicion of what it was. She smiled and confirmed my suspicion.

Pityriasis rosea.

A maculopapular rash that we learned can look similar to the rash of secondary syphilis (and I know for SURE I ain’t got that). Ways to tell the difference? PR usually starts with one lone papule usually on the chest, called “the herald’s patch” because it “brings news of things to come” (hardy har har). Also, PR usually is on the proximal parts of your body, meaning the chest and trunk. It classically spreads in a “Christmas tree” distribution on the body. It usually doesn’t spread distally to the hands and feet, whereas syphilis almost always does.

I didn’t take pictures of my rash because I was grossed out. Yes, by my own skin-it’s why I could never be a dermatologist (among other reasons). But this is similar to what my forearm looked like:

And this is what classic PR looks like, herald’s patch and all (the herald’s patch can often be confused with ringworm):

But this is more similar to mine-errr, minus the hair:

The cause of PR is unknown, but many attribute it to the Human Herpes Virus 8 (NOT the same virus that causes genital herpes or cold sores), which may cause an upper respiratory illness preceding the rash. I remembered that I was sick a few weeks before the rash started, and had some sniffles in the beginning days of the rash. While the rash itself is not contagious, the virus certainly is. It is more common in children and young adolescents than older people. It is usually accompanied by itching-mine didn’t itching until a week after. The good news is that it is a self-limiting disease, and usually resolves within 2-8 weeks. The dermatologist wrote me a prescription for some steroid cream to control the itching, but I didn’t feel that I needed it. However, my rash definitely got worse before it got better. It spread all over, and even the dermatologist said that mine moved a bit more distally than she normally sees. The first spots to disappear were on my chest and trunk. Now, 7 weeks later, most of the rash is gone, but I have some residual scarring that will take some time to go away.

Take-home message: Never discount the things that I learn in medical school, because you really might see it (maybe even on yourself) someday!